Friday, June 5, 2015

When I return from WicCan fest, I'll be attending two events on 6/20 from 10-2pm. The first is at the Antioch Lapidary club at 425 Fulton Shipyards Road. We did this event last year and it was soo much fun we're doing it again. It's only $5 for a booth space and it's a great experience for any rockhound. They serve a nice BBQ lunch, too.

6/20 part two will be the Artists' Reception from 2-4 pm at the Antioch Historical Society on 4th Street. I will have two pieces in this show. Both events are FREE to attend.
Good news! I'll be vending amber, bronze & jet at WicCan Fest near Toronto, Canada June 10-14. After that, I'll be at Ravenwood 25 on Mt. Tamapais just north of SF the 4th of July weekend.
I'll also be presenting and performing at both of these events. The Canadians like me so well that I'm the opening act at the Satyrday night concert. All the kiddies I used to sing "dirty ditties" to are all grown up now and want to hear them again.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Freya's Folk announces... Ravenwood

When: Jul. 3rd. 2015 - Jul. 6th. 2015
Where: Marin City, California

Heathen Campout/Fun & Frolic & Blots in N. California

Event Details: The last Ravenwood!!! Celebrate our 25th and LAST Ravenwood 4th of July weekend 2015.

What to Bring: Food & camping gear & $ for Heathen shopping

Price/Donation: $75 each, $125 couple, $25/vehicle

Join us atop the "Sleeping Lady" (Mt. Tamalpais) for a mellow weekend campout with fun, frolic, and a feast. Learn about the American Vinland Association, Romuva, and the California Utlandr Alliance. Enjoy Heathen fellowship, workshops, and merriment around the fire with the Politically Incorrect Song Singers (P.I.S.S.) . Loggats Tournament, (with prizes) , special events, and guests. More information will be sent with your registration (in June) .

Vendors welcome, but must donate an item worth at least $20.00 to the raffle. Workshop/ritual presentations welcome/encouraged. All Registrations or cancellations must be received by June 30th. Late registrations accepted only if space permits.
No on-site registrations. Any one NOT registered will NOT be admitted.

Registration includes three nights camping, feast on Saturday, one raffle ticket, and a commemorative item. Tent camping only. Our campground has flush toilets, water, sinks, and food cupboards. We have the large campsite A with a limit of 50 people (but there are several motels nearby for the less hardy) from 2 p.m. Friggsday till noon Manisday. Tree worship on Friggsday. Other daily blots & symbels. Annual American Vinland Association & Utlandr Alliance meetings. If you'd like to present/perform, please contact us. NO day passes.

Flyers available by 1/31 or contact us at!

Event Location: Panoramic Highway in Marin City
Event TIME Details: 2 pm Friggsday - noon Moonday

Directions: Entrance is opposite Mtn. Home Inn on top of Mt. Tamalpais about 20 minutes North of San Francisco. Map is sent with registration. NO on-site registration! Full refund if cancellation request is received by June 30th.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last Day in Kaunas

Check out wasn’t till 2 pm, so I arose early and went to my favorite bakery cafĂ© and enjoyed a cappuccino, potato pancakes and mushroom soup, and bought a slice of blueberry cake for the ride to Inija’s; $6.50 for all. I crossed the Lane and went to the “Tadas” museum. Tadas was a naturalist, explorer, Victorian collector, professor, and contemporary of Ciurlionis and friend of Antanas (founder of the Devil’s museum). His museum is jaw dropping, and sadly my camera wasn’t working. I’d taken notes, but there was a camera shop next door, and I handed her my camera, and we changed the batteries, and nothing happened, and then she asked if I had more, and I did, and the third set worked. The second pair of batteries were no good.
        I went back in to the Museum and took the elevator to the top floor and worked my way down.
The ‘hunters’ trophy collection was just off to the left from the elevator and there are massive displays of various horned animals with a gold, silver, or bronze medal under them for how many points on the horns, or the width, or in the case of the boars, it was how large their tusks were. An herbivore’s nightmare! There were also bear, wolf, zebra, Nile crocodile, lynx, and European bison. There is a floor of birds, one of insects and butterflies, one of amphibians and reptiles, and an entire floor of wildlife panoramas. My favorite bird (besides the five kinds of ravens) was the Satyr Tragopan.
        Darius’ girlfriend gave me a ride to the train station. The fare was 18 lt. and the temp was 28 C. (= 86 F.) and when I arrived in Vilnius I tried unsuccessfully to call a cab, so I approached one and he wanted 30 litas. I knew I was being cheated, but had too much loot to carry on the bus. I actually bargained him down to 20 for the less than a mile ride to Inija’s (it should have been 10 litas which is about $5).
        Inija had made a most welcoming dinner for me of varskeses (which is a cheese gnocchi), potato pancakes, salad, and caramel ice cream. I ate it all.

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